By: Teddy Schleifer

Hello! Teddy Schleifer here. I've spent the last six years writing about the mega-rich at CNN and Recode, and now I'm working with some of the smartest minds in media to build a publication centered on this new elite. I'd be honored if you entered your email here so I can tell you more about our big plans when it's no longer a big secret.

In the meantime, I'd like to welcome you into The Stratosphere. What is The Stratosphere, you ask? It's a home for my work in advance of our unveil. I'll be sending you updates from the land of the modern billionaire — Silicon Valley — and stories about how America's wealthiest people are deploying their unprecedented fortunes into philanthropy, political campaigns and a Hawaiian island or three. So sign up here — I think it will be unlike anything else in your inbox.

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